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Katharine will be graduating from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Psychology on June 12, 2010. After college, I hope to join a consulting, marketing, venture capital, SRI, CSR, ESG investments, or nonprofit firm with an innovative team culture that rewards creativity, insight and a passion for excellence.

In spring 2010, I worked with a small Chicago nonprofit to develop a business plan for a cafe and community center near an under-served CTA transit stop.

I also conducted research on key metrics to support grant writing for a start-up nonprofit in youth development, and advised them on HR/case management using Google Docs (including surveys) to improve job outcomes for at-risk youth.

In fall 2009, I was a Community Analyst with campusCATALYST, a course that is also a nonprofit consulting group, to help a Hyde Park community organization improve their performance management with an Excel-based metrics dashboard and qualitative surveys.

Starting in 2008, I sold college student-targeted marketing and web development advice to two Chicago restaurants.

Skills: project management, finding the right people for a variety of roles, getting deliverables in on time, event planning, connecting the big-picture vision to the daily details, tailoring the message to fit the audience, people management and teamwork

Currently working on:
-How to quantify social impact
-Learning how people/organizations can implement solutions
-Meeting people who share her passion for the “triple bottom line” (financial, social, environmental)

-Connecting people to projects that make an impact

-Solving big problems by breaking them up into small pieces and systematically analyzing the pieces to find workable solutions

-Sharing knowledge by one-on-one mentoring

In my free time, I enjoy singing, salsa and swing dancing, opera, improv comedy, cooking, and travel.

Feel free to comment if you’d like to talk more!


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